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"bitch squared."

"bitch squared."

Anonymous asked:
I still can't believe that DC is making Dick Grayson into a SECRET AGENT.

no see it totally makes sense, they gave him a gun, because characters are boring if they don’t use guns, as evidenced by DC’s ENTIRE HISTORY D U H

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Anonymous asked:
"secret avengers #1-21 (don’t read past 21)" i want to know what happened

rick remender happens

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they were the best but we did it better

I love the issues of Cass wearing Babs’ old uniform, and James Jean’s cover of it :)


they were the best but we did it better

I love the issues of Cass wearing Babs’ old uniform, and James Jean’s cover of it :)

sebystann asked:
hello, i totally wanna read some captain america and avengers comics and i was wondering if you knew where i could start or any general direction because there's a lot of comics everywhere and it's deeply confusing. thank you for the help!

the beginner’s guide to TEAM AMERICA by me, a total beginner

featuring steve rogers, bucky barnes, sharon carter, peggy carter, sam wilson, and natasha romanoff

↳  the basics:
↳  next steps:
↳  deep cuts:
↳  bonus: avengers team comics recs for beginners
  • avengers assemble (avengers assemble is a great intro to avengers comics, especially if you’re familiar with the mcu but less so with 616. also note: this torrent contains 1-21 but the series goes to issue 25. I recommend starting at issue 9)
  • mighty avengers (a current ongoing, probably the best team book marvel is putting out right now)
  • avengers, (the current main avengers title. there are…a lot of avengers teams. this one is lead by captain america and iron man)
  • new avengers (vol 1 is STUPID CUTE and is a good marvel team book that is pretty easy to follow along for the most part.)
  • secret avengers #1-21 (don’t read past 21), also captain america and the secret avengers. both new avengers and secret avengers are older and some larger events affect both books, but light googling will help you figure out what’s happening if you get too confused.

*note: I am giving you mostly torrent/download links. I am a big supporter of trying before you buy, though, so if you download these and like them, and if you can afford them, I highly recommend buying!!!!! comixology is the biggest (legal) resource for digital comics, and very handy if you don’t have access to a comic shop, but depending on your location, you can also find trades in your local bookstores or on amazon or ebay.

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inception au

트래픽때문에 그냥 짤라서 올림ㅠ

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working titles for the “Captain America” movies

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Anonymous asked:
Yeah, but to say those were hawkeye solo books is to say that marvel team up was a spiderman solo book. Widow's a great character but its very rare people wrote her well. She'd fit better in a Max series I think but most of her stories are just kinda there (all respect to her depictions in Cap 2 and the 1990s-2000s Daredevil comics)

well they were the closest things hawkeye had to a solo book for like, years, especially since he’d been dead for a good chunk of that time. aside from the 2011 ults hawkeye mini I guess.

and hmm I disagree? not that I wouldn’t want to see a max black widow with natasha, and it’s true that her stories were pretty sporadic for most of her history, but she’s had some really good ones. and she was featured more and more starting in the mid-2000s, and I think that’s when some of her best moments happened. I think most black widow fans today collectively agree that vol 4 was her best book, and if marvel had put that out in 2012 I think it would have lasted as a series.

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I like his new hairstyle


I like his new hairstyle

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Anonymous asked:
I hate to throw logs under the bus but you know, throwing logs under the bus. Now onto my comics question: would you like to have Kathryn Immonen back on a Sif title, have her work on something else, or have a Sif title without her?


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Anonymous asked:
Kinda wanna weigh in on this. Look guys, if black widow isn't what you enjoy than just stop reading it? I mean, it's really that simple. I'm not saying I like black widow (I only thought Cap 2's depiction of her felt really genuine) but there's no reason to cry on the Internet about her existing.

no see people have Opinions on black widow, and black widow fans. they can’t just let her be in the movies or have a comic, there has to be a REASON. and there has to be a Reason why people like her, since clearly she has no merits on her own???? it’s not enough that they can’t just dislike her, they have to EXPLAIN IN DETAIL WHY THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE HER ARE A LOWER CLASS OF HUMAN

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symkaria asked:
WHy do you hate comics Kiran


where do I start

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Anonymous asked:
Why do you hate hawkeye so much?

aw bro

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Anonymous asked:
Fair point. I see what you mean. Maybe I just need to wait for the book to get its sea legs. It is pretty beautiful tho ill give it that.

yeah, the art alone is worth it. I’d give it a bit longer before you make your final decision. the book is getting a slow start, but I’d hate to see it canceled before edmondson even gets a chance to go anywhere with it. and lady solo titles are always at a higher risk of cancellation, so I tend to give them more leeway, since no one else will.

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