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Anonymous asked:
I wish you were in charge of the Antman script. :( Your idea was so lovely and not GAR-HOLLYWOOD-MALE-LEAD-TESTOSTERONE charged

aw thanks buddy. well from what I hear that movie’s losing people every day so maybe I have a shot

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the problem is seeing them both opening night if they don’t have special early showings tho

well don’t be such a fuckin nerd that you think you have to go to the midnight showings. you dweebs. give me your lunch money I’m gonna shove you in a locker

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people you do realize you can go see multiple movies in a short amount of time. even in the same day!!! it’s allowed!!!! also (AND IT’S CRAZY, I KNOW) you can go see both dc and marvel films. right??? I thought it was a wild notion myself, but turns out you’re not contractually obligated to only support one studio for the rest of your life. it’s insane, but what did ronald reagan die for if not for us to see a captain america film and a batman film in the same day

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Anonymous asked:
Once 2016 rolls around are you gonna see Cap 3 or the Superman vs Ben Affleck film instead?


I’m sorry do you have the right blog

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remember when everyone was like “this movie’s gonna be a joke because ant-man” and now like the only thing about the ant-man movie that actually still seems salvageable is ant-man

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Anonymous asked:
Steve + 15 ?


As for the fate of Hope Pym’s mother, Janet Van Dyne — aka the original the Wasp — actor Michael Douglas revealed that she is indeed in the movie but dies in some sort of accident.

lol bye (via vivacosima)
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linkaria asked:
RDJ's media team who manages his Facebook is REALLY tumblr savvy. I think it can them telling RDJ about the dorito meme

I knew it couldn’t be ruffalo, he confused ships and memes there’s no way he picked up on this one

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Trip Week: BJ Britt & Sami

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go on child

steve and bucky are in the same army unit, they’re childhood best friends. bucky gets critically wounded, and they tell steve he died before getting him to the hospital. steve volunteers for the treadstone program because he wants to save lives, and stop wars before they can begin. bucky actually is alive, and has been used part of a breakaway faction of treadstone in a more experimental program that involves harsher techniques and cybernetic enhancements. bucky goes rogue? and steve is sent to eliminate him, but his programming breaks down and he ends up amnesiac? or hmmmm he remembers bucky but not details of who he is? idk something something steve ends up working with natasha, a former enemy assassin who has a grudge against treadstone, and sam, a counselor at the VA office steve ended up when he was wandering around not knowing who he was and who decided to help him despite the clear evidence that he’s dangerous.

clint can be one of the treadstone assassins too idk

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Black Widow (2010) #2

Black Widow (2010) #2

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Look at what they make you give.

AU MEME » the Captain America films as the Bourne films. 

one. this is hardcore (end of the line mix), pulp; two. crazy (slow version), gnarls barkley; three. over the edge, symmetry; four. radio kaliningrad, handsome furs; five. and they say helter skelter (kanye west x the beatles), tutankhamun brothers; six. apistat commander, xiu xiu; seven. himininn er að hyrnja, en stjörnurnar fara Þér vel, ólafur arnalds; eight. extreme ways, moby


wOAh there buddy slow down let’s not get hasty

wOAh there buddy slow down let’s not get hasty

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he probably told rdj the chris evans dorito thing

we should test this by starting a new meme and seeing how long it takes to get back to them

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